UMC .30-30 Headstamps

Hi everyone,
I have a question regarding the dates of different UMC .30-30 headstamps. From what I can tell, there are three different variations of .30-30 Win. headstamps by UMC. These different headstamps range in date from around 1895 until after the merger with Remington.

The earliest variation:
U.M.C. 30-30 S.
The second variation:
U.M.C. 30-30.
The third:
U M C 30-30

There are also 4 different loading available in the UMC catalogs:
.30-30-100 Win. Miniature (first appeared in the 1903 catalog)
.30-30-117 Win. Short Range
.30-30-160 Win.
.30-30-170 Win.

So my questions are: When did UMC transition from the earliest variation headstamp to the second variation and from the second variation to the third variation? Did the transition in headstamp occur for each loading at the same time?

On a side note: I have also seen an early UMC box with the headstamp designation of U.M.C. .30-30 MARLIN, but I have never seen an actual round with this headstamp. Does this headstamp variation really exist?

On another side note: does anyone have a round with the headstamp U.M.C. 30-30. (second variation) and a .175" diameter copper primer with an impressed underlined U?

Thank you very much and merry Christmas

Hi Maynard
In reply to your second side note I do have one in my collection.

I’ve not seen or mention of, a Marlin headstamp as you note but the one Carolyn mentions with the small primer fits the bill for a round produced for Marlin labeled boxes.

Carolyn, thank you very much for the confirmation of that round’s existence.

Pete, that is very useful information, thank you.
I’m going to post a picture of the box label regarding the Marlin headstamp. The rounds found in the box were not headstamped, but that does not mean this headstamp does not exist all together.

Photo Credit:

Merry Xmas Maynard
I have a second version with a brass primer and impressed U

Hi Sherryl,
Thanks for the description of that cartridge; it sounds like it has a UMC No. 6 1/2 primer.
Merry Christmas