UMC 30 Long Rimfire ammo ID


Anyone care to help me date these sealed boxes of 30 Long rimfire? I suspect pre 1900 but am not sure. Any input would be appreciated, thanks



I’m not sure either but since it doesn’t have the “U” in circle trademark I would guess pre-1890.



.30 Long RF was introduced in 1873, right? I’d say this is very early 1870s based on the style of box and typography. Pre-1880


Thanks fellas. My gut says pre 1900 based on label and box style but was unsure of just how much earlier. There is precious little comparative data on the web on pre turn of the century UMC ammo.


Righto on that one. Even comparing boxes and labels gets contradictory.


My information is that UMC ceased use of the dog head logo in 1886.


Well then that narrows this down to mid 1870’s to mid 1880’s. That would seem to be the most logical window of time for these two. Thanks gents.


Gorgeous box, by the way!


Thanks! I can’t imagine there are too many pairs of these sitting around in this condition.


As far as I can tell, UMC began putting date codes on their boxes in 1909. At least that is where their date codes begin. If there is no date code stamped on the box than it is pre-1909. the code A1B would be January 1909. That is the best I can do.