UMC .40-60 Marlin Cartidges in box value please

I have owned these old cartidges for almost 50 years and the gun that came with them was sold long ago. One box is full and the other has 5 unfired cartridges and some empty casings. I would like to sell these but have no idea what to ask. The internet search shows a wide variance in prices. This seems to me the best source of information on cartridge collecting. Please help.

Anyone? You seem like a knowledgeable group so why no response. I am only asking for a bit of help.

You will find that most of us don’t give values, and they vary quite a bit based on the buyers/sellers location (US vs NZ vs GB vs Italy etc), sales venue, buyers area of interest (someone that collects 9mm Para wouldn’t give as much as a UMC collector would), not to mention the condition, rarity and desirability of the individual item itself.

Welcome to the IAA Forum norseman. I saw your post earlier but since I am not a collector of these types of cartridges, there was no need for me to pipe in (or so I thought). Sorry that you feel neglected, because you really aren’t, but it just takes time for the right folks to get to your post.
As for asking for values here, it is tough, as Tailgunner said. You will be better served looking at the prices pieces get when sold on various auction sites, such as Gunbroker, Wards, etc. As far as I know there are few participants here that are dealers but there are some and someone may give you a value.
Good luck and stick with us, we’re not a bad lot.

I too personally have no idea, however here is what Google says:

an IAA member used to sell them until he sold out for $15

On gunbroker there are some listed for $15 that no one is buying:

Here are 3 boxes by a different manufacturer that did not sell that were listed for $90 for all 3.

So I would say the cartridges by themself would be worth less than $15 and more than $2.

When I am selling a box I typically price it at the cost of the cartridges inside. If i were selling individual cartridges I usually discount with quantity, but when in a box, the box negates the discount.

So for example if you determine an individual cartridge is worth $5 then try to sell the full box for $100. This works well for me unless the box is very rare.