UMC Box Design and dates

  1. Which of these box designs or labels came first and what years were they used?

  2. Are there any other known variations of UMC pinfire boxes? I have only seen these two in all of the sizes they made, 12mm, 9mm and 7mm

  3. The Union Metallic Cartridge and Cap Co. (Before becoming UMC) lists the three pinfire sizes. Did they have boxes that were labeled UMC&C Co?

  4. Why does every UMC pinfire box misspell Lefaucheux when not a single one of their catalogs does?

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  1. “The Union Metallic Cartridge and Cap Co. was founded by Schuler, Hartley and Graham using the machinery and patents of Crittenden & Tibbals Mfg. Co. and C. D. Leet factories.” C. D. Leet made pinfire cartridges for the Civil War (See my article on this at: )

Is it plausible that UMC&C Co used C.D. Leet’s pinfire architecture to make pinfires? Would there be any noticeable difference between them and C. D. Leet’s? Obviously they would not have used C. D. Leet boxes, so have the C. D. Leet style of pinfire cartridge ever been found in other or non-labeled boxes?

If this is the case, why and when did they change to the common 12mm UMC style pinfire (with the common short case?)

  1. Did Crittenden & Tibbals ever make pinfires? There are no army procurements for them from them during the civil war.