UMC box differences?

I found another box of UMC 30 Mauser cartridges on clips and it is marked slightly differently than the other that I have. I don’t know if these boxes can be dated “older-younger” etc. but here are the photos. The clips and headstamp on the cartridges are identical.

The tops are not different -

But the sides are -

As well as the size of the print on the ends -

and bottom -



John–I can not be sure, but I would guess the box on the bottom in the second photo is the “Older” of the two. However, since the .30 Mauser was first listed in the 1900 catalog and the last UMC catalog is 1910, we are talking of only a 10 year span.

Agree with Ron…The bottom one is the older of the two…up until about 1905 or so, UMC used the gaurantee label which gauranteed the cartridges as well as the firearms the cartridges were used in…afterward, they revised the label wherein no gaurantee was made above and beyond proper manufacturing responsibility…