I’ve seen a couple of this style box go across ebay recently, but nowhere else in my limited experience. Are these legit or some kind of repro?

This certainly doesn’t look like an original UMC Sharps box that I have ever seen. The color of the label and type styles are not correct, and that ’ inch Patched Bullet’ looks a little odd also; the actual diameter of the bullet is not indicated on the old boxes. I’d have to assume it is the product of someone’s imagination.


Agree it is not an original.

A number of sources have bee making reproduction boxes for display purposes, or for for cowboy action shooters to carry “period correct” looking boxes of ammo, or for filling store shelves in “old tyme western village” settings for historic sites, and probably for movies, etc as well.

Some are quite close to the originals, others are terribly inaccurate in multiple ways.

Anyone with a color printer can turn out credible looking reproduction labels and apparently boxes can be custom ordered in just about any size or shape.

Nice items for their intended use, and probably not made to deceive “cartridge collectors” but certainly items that can be used to defraud the gullible hordes who hang around some of the auction sites.

Rich…I have one around here somewhere just like it…agree it is a fake…I believe the one I have, on the box bottom, has the “Use Winchester primer #2 in reloading” and “Anson Mills Cartridge Belt” add-on labels. As to the “inch Patched Bullet”, many real UMC Sharps boxes had this, wherein they wrote in by hand at the factory, the length of the bullet.

Thanks, Gents. It sure looked off to me, but I also know I’ve not seen everything and so it’s helpful to recalibrate my eye from time to time with those I know to be more finely tuned than my own.