UMC Headstamps in Remington-UMC era


Does anyone know when cartridges with a UMC headstamp were last made/last loaded? I’m asking this in relation to the use of this headstamp after the merge between Remington and UMC. I’m aware that this must have been different for every caliber, but any information, either documentation or examples found in Remington-UMC boxes, would be appreciated. Regards, Fede.


I have never uncovered any factory records, if ever there were any, that document change in headstamp.
Here is an early Krag box from about 1912 that contains U.M.C. headstamped cartridges (and shows a U.M.C. headstamp in the cartridge art), and an insert announcing the merger…
The date code is only partially readable and does not conform to normal REM-UMC date codes for this period in time…



Randy, this is a very interesting transitional box, thank you very much for sharing these pictures. By the way, do you have any examples of UMC cartridges with nickeled primers?


Certainly no Krags with nickeled primers by UMC, and I would have to check my old UMC records to be sure, but the only thing that comes to mind right at the moment is .43 Egyptian with Berdan primer that was brightly tinned…



11mm Dutch Beaumont by UMC also has such a primer