UMC paper shotshell production dates


I’m trying to determine when UMC produced their ‘CLUB’ and ‘NEW CLUB’ brand paper shells.

Also, when did the produce the raised headstamp ‘U.M.C.CO. No 12 BRIDGEPORT CT’ paper shells.


From the Sept. 1964 Cartridge Trader (p 3), a listing of pre-1900 UMC shotshells compiled by Berk Lewis: The Club shotshell first appears with the “UMC CLUB” headstamp, Orcutt primer and tan case in the 1878 catalog. The “UMC Co. CLUB” headstamp first appears in the 1885 catalog with a brown case. The New Club first appears in the 1899 catalog with a straw-colored case. All were first listed in 10 and 12 Ga. The article also cites a “3rd Quality ‘UMC Co. BRIDGEPORT, CONN.’” with a light brown case and Orcutt primer (10 & 12 Ga.) also in the 1878 catalog, but there is no specific mention anywhere of the raised headstamp. That description would fit with my recollection of all of these raised HS shotshells I recall seeing (by the way, I have a small bag of these in 10 Ga. that I would be happy to sell or trade if anyone is interested). Rich


RichB–I can’t agree with all of your information. Starting in 1884 U.M.C. used their No. 2 primer in all their shotshells, not the Orcutt. Here are the pages from the U.M.C. 1885-86 catalog"

The “NEW CLUB” was first listed in 1892, not 1899 and were available in 10, 12, 16 & 20 gauges.


Ron’s data seems more correct the that from work by Berk Lewis.

UMC Co. records showed that they commenced making the Club cartridge in 10 gauge and 12 gauge in July 1885. In November 1891, the name was changed to “New Club.” In Sept 1889, they commenced making the “Green Club,” which they noted was the same as the “Club” except for the green shell.

There is a note frim May 26, 1887 that they had started using the No. 2 primer for export. There is another note from June 1, 1889, that they began using the No. 2 Primer with No. 4 mixture.

Can just report thiese comments, as know nothing about shotgun shells except how to shoot them. I do see in my notes from UMC that there were other “Club” rounds, causing no entry pages, such as the “Vermillion Club.” There amy have been previous ones, too, that is previous to the July 1885 date, but can’t find that in my notes, some of which have become hard for me to read.

I hope this helps a little.


Thanks Rich, Ron and John. Considering all the information on metallics that is available, it is surprisingly difficult to find shotgun information.



My info shows Club running from 1885 - 1891. Factory loads started in 1888. New Club I show from 1891 - 1911. There are two HS. One or two rings around primer until April 1894 when they changed to the star around the primer. I show the U.M.C.CO. Bridgeport Ct staring in 1874, dont know how long it ran. Both raised and impressed HS, 10 & 12 ga., tan, brown, black and blue hulls. I have neither HS in my collection and would be very interested in taking that little bag off of Rich’s hands. Hope this helps.