UMC Paper shotshell S.C. impressed on case

Happy New Year to all,

The attached UMC Paper Shotshell has S.C. impressed on case.
Any clue as to the significance of this.
Have 2 shells headstamped:
UMCCO No. 12
UMCCo No. 10 Club

Thanks, Terry

UMCCO No. 12 S.C. case.pdf (28.7 KB)

Or is it 8 C for #8 Chilled shot

Looks like 3.C., These shells are NPE.


Sig, Take a centered picture of it please. I did not have any of the first quality UMC hs you were looking for, but I did have a NPE with S G on the headstamp.

edit for SG not SC

Have S.G Headstamps. These are Second Quality.