UMC rimfire ammo found

I was cleaning out stuff left over from my dads estate and found two cartridges that I am not familiar with. I also have never posted anything on a FORUM before so please help me out if I say the wrong thing… Both shells are .91 inches long -total length. Both are copper cases, with lead bullets. One measures .295 dia and the other .40 dia… Both have the UMC/Remington U on the case bottom. I am not planning on selling these, just indentify and put them in my cartridge collection. Thanks for the help

Gday bonanza and welcome to the forum, to have shells identified correctly it would be helpful to have some pictures. Are you able to upload some photos of the headstamps, and each case Ponting our the measurements? (Such as neck, mouth and base of the cartridge)

Regards Hamish.

Howdy Jim
the way to put photos in with your text is to 1st use a JPG format & then you can just click and drag it into the text and it will upload where the blinking “I” is.

Thank you. I finally was able to indentify these two cartridges after a lot of searching. The Remington site really helped.

Thanks for the help. I was able to identify these cartridges by a lot of research.