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Have never seen a UMC # 4 primer in any catalog.
Any information, greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Terry

Hi Terry,

It was introduced in late 1893 as a new primer for the new Nitro Club shell. According to some ads from 1894, the No. 4 primer was not sold separatedly, but boxes are known to exist.




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Great, what size is the primer

Also any info on this Nitro Club shell would be appreciated.


Terry, I don’t know the size of this primer. I only have that picture and it was empty.

Regarding the Nitro Club with No. 4 primer, all I have date from late 1893 to early 1895. It was a moderate-priced shell adapted to nitro powders and was offered in 10 ga. 2 7/8’’, 12 ga. 2 5-8’’, and 16 ga. 2 9-16’’.



Thank You for the info,


Can you share some images of Headstamp & case…


I would assume these are the variation with the #4 primer as my other Nitro Clubs have a battery cup primer.
PS the 10 is 2 5/8" & I do NOT think it has been cut down.

Hi Pete,

These are the # 5 (.175’’ diameter ) primers.

The # 4 are probably (.210’’ diameter) primers.

I also have a Nitro Club with a # 7 (.210’'diameter) monogramed U primer.

All these are without the Battery Cup.


your right, I do have a 10 (2 7/8") & a 20 bore, red paper non-magnetic plain (not corrugated) brass head but both have the “U” stamped primer.

I just looked through my UMC tins & no No 4 as Fede shows, got to be a hard one to find.
I looked through my REM-UMC, UMC & Western packets no No 4’s.
UMC seems to have used #3’s [.175" x .286"] and #33’s [.191" x .247"], Both of these are unmarked slightly domed copper primers with anvil-legs protruding from the base {same as the US below} from red labeled “for smokeless powders” labeled packets,
Peters also used the came numbers for shot gun shells.
However I did find these, the dark purple Peters is a battery cup primer, (this camera doesn’t work well with reds or purples) no idea what the typewritten Peters label held as it’s just on a piece of the cardboard box top.
The US Climax & Ajax are unmarked slightly domed brass .210" x .239" & the Dense Powders is still sealed.
The copper Winchesters are rimmed & necked with an impressed “W” on the flat head. The rim is .219", the body is .178" and the length is .358".
Hope this is of help.

This is great info.

Thanks Pete