UMM 44 WRA P-L headstamp


Hello all,

I am completing an archeological report on a survey conducted along the Texas border with Mexico. I am trying to identify a cartridge case headstamp but am having no luck. It appears to be a .44-40 caliber although the case length is 1.27 inches as opposed to 1.305. Otherwise pretty close.

The headstamp has a “UMM” at the top, a “44 WRA” at the bottom, a “P” on the left side and an “L” on the right side. The lower designation would seem to indicate it was meant for the 44-40 Winchester. Could this be of Mexican manufacture?

I suspect this is an old cartridge based on its condition and the context of the site.

Any ideas?

Would be happy to post a photo if that would help (the font is unique and is set into a shallow depressed area between the rim edge and the primer.

Many thanks!


I would like to see this headstamp. Don’t have a clue now, but it might give us some ideas.



Thanks for responding. The headstamp and cartridge case can be viewed here: … 5720872401

Note that the headstamp is located within a recessed area on the base of the cartridge–another unique characteristic of this cartridge.



I’m sure there are guys wanting to help you, but your photo can only be opened by registering. Use one of the host sites such as photobucket or tinypic.


Thanks, Ray. I didn’t realize that. Here they are in photobucket. … 0HEADSTAMP

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Is this a raised headstamp, or is that an illusion caused by the lighting (which often happens in headstamp
photography)? If it IS truly a raised headstamp, the base and format of the headstamp are very reminiscent
of a .44-40 I have that I ekpt with one of my original 1873 Winchesters, S U.M.C. H .44 CF. The “U” and the “M” are very much the same in form, but the .“44” is quite different on the UMM round than it is on my own
UMC round.

Not an ID for certain, simply drawing attention to similarities, including the trough in which the headstamp is

The case, proportionately, looks like it could be .44-40 (.44 Winchester Center Fire).



Yes, the headstamp is raised but is set within the recessed area around the primer. The photo is a pretty accurate representation. I have seen a UMC cartridge, like you mention, that appears very similar (raised letters in a trough) that is supposedly one of the earlier forms. I suspect this one is similarly early.


Assuming this cartridge case dates from the same period as the similar UMC cases, it was likely made about 1882-85. It is of the Boxer primed type, is it not? Really interesting. Jack


Has anyone brought this headstamp to the attention of Victor von Borosini Engel, the “mad Fallschirmjäger” of
Pennsylvania? I don’t know anyone who knows any more about the .44-40 cartridge than does he. I don’t know how to forward a photo off of the Forum in an email, so I haven’t done it, but someone certainly should.


I have received notice that Vic Engel was notified of this headstamp, and had not seen it before. Too bad there
was only one of them, as it really belongs in a collection like his - probably the best .44-40 collection in the world.

Dan Schmidt was the gentleman kind enough to be sure Vic was aware of it, and had notified him before I posted
my suggestion here. Thanks, Dan.