Un-ID'd Bullet

I think I posted on this before, but I couldn’t find it, and it is still an “Unknown”.
The projo is GMCS, with a faint red tip and black band. The base is closed with a copper cup. There are two knurls, one being wider than the other. The diameter between the knurls is 7.89mm/.310in., length is 28.6mm/1.126in., and the weight is 114.10grains. It appears to be some kind of East Bloc API bullet, but the weight seems to be too low. I got it mixed in with a bag of mixed 7.62x39 rounds, mainly different color tips, one of which was an unknown black tip pressure-test round.
Any thoughts or ideas?

Two of my sources list it as Chinese API

From Dr Martin Andrews
"API Prior to 1967 black tip with red band. After 1967 tip changed to black only"

And DST-1160G-514-81-Vol 1, the DIA Small Calibre Ammunition Guide, Vol. 1, Small Arms Cartridges-Up to 15mm Page 75

That’s fine to ID the colors, but not the bullet itself. That info does not explain the knurls, weight, or lack of separation at the tip.

Nothing about the bullet says Com-Bloc to me or API. The weight is consistent with a T-45 Tracer projectile and the copper cup says “tracer” to me as well. The tip colors do not look “authentic” in any way. Too far down the bullet for one. The only 7.62x39mm tracer rounds I’ve seen with the copper cup are Yugoslavian and Czech., but neither look like this one. Looks more like US .30 or 7.62 pattern to me… Might be an aftermarket load from somewhere.


A T-45 is that light? Any thoughts on the knurling?

Might that be a projectile from a so called gun show load?

Alex, it could be. The colors don’t look “fake” to me, but for what purpose I do not know. I find the weight and knurls most interesting. I will bring it to SLICS for a closer look.
It doesn’t look to me like it was ever loaded.