UN targeting ammunition

Be alert to what the UN gun (and ammunition) ban crowd is working on…again. They are very persistent and work incrementally to transform their goals into agreements, then into treaties and then into laws, ignoring conflicting national laws or Constitutional protections. Unfriendly politicians can then impose limits claiming they are just living up to treaty obligations with the UN. Be afraid, very afraid…

The UN’s Program of Action to Prevent, Combat, and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects – known a POA – began its fifth biennial meeting Monday and will continue until Friday in New York

“The POA and the UN believes that regulating ammunition is a magic bullet for them,”
Tom Mason, the NRA’s United Nations consultant told TheBlaze. “The U.S. is resisting that vigorously. The Obama administration, which has not been friendly to us, has fought with us on this.”

Mason, also the executive secretary of the World Forum on Shooting Activities that includes 50 pro-gun rights groups from around the world, is attending the conference and coordinating the response to the pro-gun control advocates.

The United States is “committed to full implementation of the Program of Action,” but said the Second Amendment would be protected, according to the State Department.

Though nothing the panel determines will be binding law, the UN panel create political commitments on gun control laws that member nations are encouraged by the world body to adopt. Among the big pushes is to expand the POA beyond guns and into ammunition.

Yes, rebels, terrorists and criminals around the world will be “very” concerned and the usual suppliers (those who care so much about the UN) of them will just earn more money when referring to the now more “delicate” situation.
The problem is that the usual suppliers are not affected by all this. Means the UN is aiming high but is hitting low. The law abiding citizen is becoming the colatheral damage in all this.

When the U.N. placed “bans” on munitions shipments to and from North Korea, there suddenly became many shipping crates ubiquitously marked as “tractor parts” and other such things being shipped from the DPRK. Does the U.N. have any teeth when it comes to real terrorists or real criminals… NO. Does the U.N. have teeth in terms of foiling law-abiding citizens’ rights… YES. Slowly the march towards ammunition restrictions rolls forward, and I expect “toxic” lead to be the big thing in the coming decade. After U.S. manufacturers are forced to give it up, then importers such as PPU, S&B, and all the Russian stuff will somehow get nixed from importation altogether.

I still can’t get over the BATFE ban of 5.45x39 importation into the U.S. due to some random “pistol” chambered in that caliber. Meanwhile there are tens of thousands of bona-fide pistols (stockless AR’s) in .223 in the U.S. and nary a word is said about M855 w/ SS109 bullets… Thank goodness. Somehow the NRA / Republicans managed to get the M855 stuff specifically exempted from the 1986 ban when it was updated in 1993 to include 7.62x39 / .308 steel core importation, and rest assured that without that exemption - that this projectile type would be banned from civilian retail sale.