UN Treaty

I’ve seen that John Kerry yesterday signed the UN Arms Treaty. I really don’t know just what effect the provisions of the treaty will have on ammunition (providing the U. S. Senate approves it, which seems unlikely), but it won’t be good. Is anyone knowledgeable about possible effects of the treaty regarding ammunition?

From what I have heard on the news it is very unlikely to be ratified by the Senate.


Check put The National Association for Gun Rights site. They Describe it quite well.

Below is the body of text for the letter I wrote my Senators (Angus King and Susan Collins) last night. If you want to keep your rights to collecting ammunition, you must voice your opinion, and support the organizations that speak on your behalf. King is an independent who has been voting in support of gun control measures lately. He certainly knows my opinion as I have written and called many times.

If you ask me, this treaty is an illegal abuse of power. It has to be stopped, and stopped well enough that the idea of trying again in a year is abandoned.

Senator King,

I urge you NOT to support the implementation of the current version of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

I feel the terms of this treaty are in violation of the U.S. Constitution, and those who support it are essentially undermining the the very foundation of our nation. We must not allow foreign bureaucrats to dictate any laws that impact the freedoms we enjoy.

I am a strong advocate of the Second Amendment, but I feel this treaty goes far beyond that and sets a dangerous precedent. If you feel you must pursue further gun control measures, then do so using the due process that all parties must use when moving forward an agenda. Despite my disagreement with you current thoughts on gun control policy, I can at least respect the traditional, and legal approach.

Very Respectfully,
David A. Kuchta