Unable to reset password so that I can login to the user reference area

Would be nice to be able to take advantage of my membership.

Not to mention the Buy and Sell area…

This is extreamly frustrating. Who should I contact and how?

I happened to me some weeks ago, the thing is I had to reset my password and it was solved but I can’t find the corresponding email to help you more. I hope someone helps you soon. Perhaps you can send a message in the contact section, if you haven’t done it already

Thanks Javier. I have pushed the link to reset my password and sent emails. No response in my email and I’ve checked the spam folder. It’s a pain but I can wait til someone with the control sees my situation. I’ve been using online forums since the BBS days in the early 80’s. And yes, I’m a member of the IAA.
Kind regards,
Kevin Kibbe