Underwood 10mm headstamp

I received today an order from Underwood ammo out of Charleston, WV which had some 9x25 Dillon ammo loaded on reformed 10mm cases. I was surprised to see a headstamp of: UNDERWOOD 10mm from a small manufacturer that otherwise uses Starline or other generic brass for everything. 10mm is their premier caliber offered, sort of like Double Tap ammo in that regard, and so this might be their only custom headstamp. I sent an email inquiring about other calibers.

Underwood was one that I mentioned a few weeks back when referring to the Lehigh Defense “Xtreme Penetrator” ammo, and how Underwood appeared to be the first manufacturer other than Lehigh to offer this projectile type for sale. At first they were doing 10mm only, but are now doing a range of calibers for the Xtreme bullet, and all other Lehigh bullet types. I ordered some .460 Rowland in this same order with the Xtreme bullet which arrived on .460 Rowland brass.

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I received a reply about their “Underwood” headstamp, and the 10mm is the only custom headstamp they have at the moment, but she said they are working on more for the future.

Spoke to Underwood and they will have Underwood headstamps on 9x19mm and other calibers in early 2015. The cases are made by Starline.


I received an Underwood order today with some 9x25 Dillon in it, and this time they actually have a custom headstamp. Surprising for this obscure caliber, which I had only ever seen a Double Tap headstamp for previously. Not even Starline had done generic headstamps for it.

It was also interesting to see some .356 TSW ammo from Underwod loaded on Starline brass, who as far as I knew, hadn’t made this brass in years and do not list it on their website presently.