Unexploded Wartime Ordnance in Ontario

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I thought this article from The Toronto Star might be of interest to a few people living in Ontario…

The article lists Possible and confirmed sites in Ontario of unexplored wartime ordnance:


This is the list of unexploded ordnance in Canada, listed by Provence:


The amount of stuff still getting washed up on the South Coast of Britain every year is quite remarkable.

Every time they start a new building in London they find a UXB and some Roman artifacts. The UXB is easily dealt with but the Roman stuff delays the build for two years while they carry out an excavation.

I can imagine there are many places in Europe where the ground is heavily contaminated. The WW1 battlefields for one.

France and Belgium both Maintain a Corps of “DeMineurs” with defined operations districts, School and Public Places Notification Posters, and regular TV appearances with examples of what to avoid if found in the fields, woods, or during excavations. Their Call number is widely publicised. Retrievals have included WW I, WW II and even Franco-Prussian War (1870) UX Ordnance. WW I is the most represented in finds.

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