Unheadstamped .44 Magnum rounds

Another collector I know who isn’t on the forum acquired around 20 of these unheadstamped .44 Magnum dummies.

They are all dummies made from fired cases and bullets. They contain no powder, and the cases were not cleaned after firing. The primer caps are nickel. There is no headstamp. They are all loaded with the same type of JHP bullet.

Does anyone know who made these cases, and were they made for any special purpose? It would be nice if they were some clandestine special operations sterile loads, but I’m sure the real answer is nothing like that.

Thanks for any info.

Does anyone have any ideas on who / where made these unheadstamped cases?

Are these cases dimensionally identical to .44 Mag? No idea why there would be any clandestine use, but maybe so. Possibly a developmental effort?

Presently I’m looking at a 25-count box of cartridges for Mine Safety Appliances Co. Velocity-Power Rail Punch Model R-60. It contains fourteen fired R-P 44 Magnum cases, the rest are unheadstamped cases like your photo. Dimensionally, the unheadstamped cartridge cases are longer than 44 Mag or 45 Colt cases (1.370 vs 1.285), larger in diameter (.480 vs .456/.477), slightly smaller in rim diameter (.506 vs .512/.508). Primer is .210 in diameter. The one unheadstamped case without green plastic cap over powder, is the balloon head type. There is, however, no relief cut above the rim as found on 44 Mag, 45 Colt, and your case.

These are not mine, so I will measure one next time I see the owner.

I wasn’t actually serious about clandestine use, I knew they were most likely made for some other purpose.