Unheadstamped .50-70

I have an unheadstamped .50-70 case with a smooth domed head. Does anyonw know who manufactured it? Werren’t the ones with the step in the head manufactured by UMC? This one definitely doesn’t have a step in the head. Unfortunately there is no clues from the primer of my case as to manufacturer, as the case has been de primed. Thanks in advance for any info.

USC Co produced rounded head cartridges; these are usually Farrington primed and have high copper content cases.

Thanks for the info. Can you tell if a case was Farrington primed once the primer has been removed?

I don’t believe so - the primer pocket should look the same as for any standard .210" primer, I think. Here’s a picture of a couple of round head .50-70 cases; the one on the right is definately a USC case, as indicated by the dimpled Farrington primer. Note that the case has more of a coppery look to it. Also, the rim has a sharper edge than the one on the left, which has been reprimed and may or may not be a USC case.

It does look the the one on thr right, what is the measurement of the Farrington primer?

I believe it is .210 as best I can measure it. I’m not sure how deep the primer poacket is - I dont have one of these that has a fired Farrington primer that I can remove to measure, and I’d hate to damage an unfired one trying to punch it out.

Thanks guy, the primer pocket on mine measures .210", so it is a Farrington Primed case made by USC Co.

Is the primer in the case on the left slightly larger that the modern standard? I measured some modern cases and noticed they were around .210".


Modern Large Rifle primers measure .215".

There were several versions of the Farrington. The first were almost flat while later ones were convex. Some US 45-70-405 ammo was loaded on contract by U.S.C. Co. and had Farrington primers, I think.


There were/are three Farrington primer variations. The Rocky Mountain Cartridge Collectors newsletter had a excellent article by George Blakeslee about them. This was some time ago & I’m not at home to give the where-to-find-it info. Sorry bout that.