Unheadstamped 7.62x39 rounds

What are these 2 unheadstamped rounds on the right?
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The cases look like reloaded Bell items, but not the bullets. Probably .308 tracer rounds loaded into US/Bell cases.

Cases could be BELL, or they could be from Lake City or Frankford Arsenal. All were boxer primed… The nickeled primer suggests a reload.

Projectiles are not M-62 tracer, as the cannelure location is incorrect. These tracer projectiles (If they are actually tracer projeciles) appear to be purpose-made for the 7.62x39mm. The sharp taper to the projectile is unusual. I have only seen this with some ball projectiles made by FN in Belgium.

I suspect a reload using some sort of projectile but question if it is a tracer. All of the assorted cartridges in the picture appear to have the exact same shade of red tips.