Unheadstamped 8x57 Mauser


Found a fired unheadstamped annealed brass 8mm Mauser case. It is berdan primed with a single flash hole. The primer looks like its zinc and has 4 equally-spaced small/faint stab crimps. Firing pin impression is very deep. The mouth has what looks like six stab crimps like the primer. The extractor groove is also wider than other 8x57 Mauser cases I’ve seen. Anybody know what it is?


The lack of a headstamp and the zinc primer with stab crimps sound very much like Czech ammunition made for Israel (and perhaps other purposes) in the late 1940s and early 1950s. A picture would help.


I am kind of shooting in the dark on this without seeing the case, but as John said the 4-stab primer crimp is frequently found on post-war Czech 7.9mm ammunition. Off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone else that used a 4-stab crimp but it might have been used by someone else.

This cartridge could possibly be the one you have.


Yep, except for being fired, that’s what it looks like. So what kind of box did they come in?


Typical Czech sterile 15-rnd box. No markings.


Here are a few more Czech 7.9mm headstamps that have a 4-stab primer crimp. All are vz 47 rounds (Czech equivalent of the German WWII S.m.E loading) with the exception of the one with the white primer seal which is AP.


Phil, Looking at your great headstamp pictures I would think the unheadstamped round was made by “Z”.


John – I think so too, but I’ve never seen anything that would prove the fact. I don’t know if the wooden crates had any markings that might ID them or not as I’ve never seen one of them either.