UNidenfied cartridge (still not...) ID help ! (+ useful bullet... !)


Cartridge ID help !
(the bullet…/ the the cleaned UNidentified cartridge)

First “impression” was that the cartridge is…“bigger” than a 7.92x57 mm Mauser, BUT

The dimmensions…maybe with a little error…because of corrosion/rust/mud…

  • the length of the case is 57 mm…though !!

…and compared with a true 7.92x57 mm Mauser round… (!!)

If it’s not a 7.92x57 mm Mauser, then…WHICH cartridge is it ?


Maybe an 8x59RB Breda?
Or a Norwegian 7.92x61 if measurements are a bit off?


Maybe an 8x59RB Breda?
Or a Norwegian 7.92x61 if measurements are a bit off?

Maybe a 8x59RB Breda (most likely from these “variants”…; it is about a former combat area of the Eastern Front of the Second World War… ;-/)…BUT…I don’t think so…the lenght of the case is 57 mm (!!), so…


Looking at this round, it is difficult for me to see why it isn’t a 7,9x57mm. Perhaps the head looks larger than a 7.9x57mm but without measurements that doesn’t mean much, particularly since the case is more corrode than the 7.9x57mm you compare it to.

More measurements where you believe the case size is “bigger” would help. Cleaning it so the headstamp, or part of it is ledgible would also help.



Indeed, Lew is right. Hardly any damage can be done to the cartridge by cleaning up the headstamp.


It’s comically…somehow ;-) :
The certain 7.92x57 mm Mauser has a corroded bullet and a “clean” case (brass… I think), and the ‘misterious’ cartridge has a “clean” bullet (bronze or brass…?) and a corroded case (iron/steel most likely…).

I said the UNidentified bullet looks like it’s bigger than a 7.92x57 mm Mauser because this was the first “impression” at the “first look”, but, with the ruler/measurements… ;-/ ?!?


Mmmm, I think the rust/corrosion (the “amount” of…) is…more than a simple crust… ;-(


The proper way to give measurements is:

Rim (head)
Diameter of case just below beginning of the shoulder
diameter of neck
diameter of bullet just above the case mouth (critical, and one you do not show on this thread)
Length of the neck from the top of the shoulder to the case mouth
Overall case length
Overall cartridge length

From your pictures, most of us realize that these measurements may be compromised by the terrible
condition of the cartridges, although in most instances, it will only be “one way” and that is to increase a
measurement due to the thick crust of corrosion on the cartridge.

Giving all these measurements would take away many of the guesses. The measures could be simply typed into the thread. I do not see the necessity of showing a picture of the caliper readings, which strikes me as more work and more space taken up for no gain.

Just my opinion.

John Moss


…U’r right…BUT in the ‘ideal’ conditions = a “normal” (clean) state of the cartridge…BUT…it’s hard to give ALL those measurements on THIS cartridge…which is so corroded . So…I think the only “good” measurements to give…are overall case length (…), overall cartridge length(…) and the diameter of neck (…) (and maybe a “random” diameter of the case).

  • The showing of the caliper readings = clear view (NO DOUBT) of the measures/measurements . ;-/


As Lew said, one of the best and easy way to identify this hardly corroded cartridge is to clean the head to have an overview of the headstamp!


Oh…as I said…

in this case (THIS cartridge)…

…the rust/corrosion (the “amount” of…) is…more than a simple crust… ;-(…



Just clean up the headstamp and all will be clear.

It looks like a “B” on there, maybe BPD… then the caliber also would be clear.


Overall case length
Overall cartridge length

  • Overall cartridge length : 80.66(68) mm
  • Overall case length : about 57.36 mm
  • ‘Neck’ diameter : about 9.40 mm
  • ‘Neck’ length : about 7.90 mm
  • Bullet diameter (right after the neck…) : 8.35/8.36 mm



The headstamp cannot be cleaned .


Bombrini Parodi Delfino.


ok…so which cartridge could be…(BPD…) ?


My guess would be 8x59RB Breda like I said above.


…most likely…BUT…Breda HMG on the WW2 Eastern Front ?!? ;-/


Ok, this is my method to make an “invisible” headstamp visible. I do this only with cases, strongly corroded of oxidised, coming out of battleground. (Come on, Rojon, show us something more than rust & dirt!)
First, I give the cartridge a bath in a salt & vinegar solution.
Then, I take off the bullet with an inertiahammer or a bulletpullerdie and empty the case. With this cartridge, the powder was unaffected. Next, I put the case and the bullet under my (low turning) drilling machine with a rather soft brush and clean it up. (Watch your fingers!) I show the result before and after.
Anybody else with some other extreme methods?