Unidentified 1 inch shot from WW1

The projectile shown penetrating a steel plate reportedly came from Belgium in 1917. It is 25.6mm in diameter and 66.3mm long.

It is too short, and the wrong shape, to come from the Vickers-Terni or Revelli-FIAT 25.4mm guns, and is not the usual sort of projectile associated with the Hotchkiss naval gun. Can anyone identify it?

Looks to be a fake ,can’t see any marks on the projectile from the rifleing in the cannon barrel.A ‘shop’ made souvenier perhaps?

I also think that this is an unfired (or home-made) projectile which has been driven into the plate. The “petals” of plate around the partial penetration look very neat and suspicious.


Agreed. my first thought was that this had been made up to represent a shell, rather than being an actual example.