Unidentified 22 rimfires

Here are two 22 rimfires I would like some identification on. I know I’ve seen both of these before (gun shows?) but don’t recall any details.

The first is a 22 Long Rifle. It has a “Super X” headstamp and an unusual orange tipped bullet.22 LR With Orange Tip cropped

The second one is a 22 Stinger with the usual “outlined C” headstamp. The bullet has a blue filled hollow point tip.22 Stinger with blue tip22 stinger blue tip

Any information on either of these would be much appreciated.


No thoughts or guesses?


I can’t see what filling the cavity on the stinger would do. Only thing I’ve seen is people putting flint in there to shoot at steel

The Winchester is an interesting one. Maybe a type of tracer or marking round?

I found a couple of these orange tipped rounds at SLICS. @Rimfire did you find anything?

Sorry, no ID yet. I almost sure I saw these some where in the past but don’t remember when or where .Getting old!
Keep me posted if you find out anything.