Unidentified 6.35mm Auto

Any thoughts on who this headstamps belongs to?


Hi Paul,

It was made by Martignoni in Italy.



Thanks Fede. I thought it could be M.C.M. but the quality was so poor it was hard to tell. Also I wasn’t sure if there was something stamped at 3 and 9 O’clock.


Is the timeframe this company was active known ?


From 1929 until today.



The current name of the factory, evidently, is S.p.A. Martignoni, and they are located in the internal zone of Genoa, Italy, at Molassana. The company was founded at Genoa in 1929, and originally produced many pistol calibers. The company existed until at least 2002, and perhaps still does today, although they only produce Shotgun ammunition, and perhaps some collateral products. They do not now produce pistol ammunition. I don’t know exactly when they discontinued that.

I have not found a much on the full meaning of the M.C.M. headstamp, but evidently, it originally stood for Martignoni Camillo, Molassana (In Italy last names often are used first, so this would likely be the founder of the company, expressed as we do, Camillo Martignoni), but it seems that it was changed later to mean “Munizione e Cartrucce Martignoni.”

The headstamp of your cartridge, as you noted, is very poorly stamped, but your excellent picture reveals the often used double-line at the 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions on the cartridge head.

Reference: “Armi Portatili E Munizioni Militari Italiane 1870-1998,” by Ruggero Filippo Pettinelli. this reference is basically in Italian, although it has a very good English-language synopsis of the Italian text at the back of the book. The title translates to “Italian Military Small Arms and Ammunition 1870-1998.”

John L. Moss

Great info John,thanks a zillion.
We need to know time frame they made the metallic cartridges.
Seems the company only make shotgun cartridge at present


I do not have the time frame for their production of metallic ammunition. However, I suspect it has something to do with the ending of WW2. MCM cartridges do not seem to ever have had dated headstamps. However, I have a 9 x 19 mm Parabellum catridge, headstamped “M.C.M. Co. 9•M.38” for the Beretta Modelo 1938 SMG. While not dated, it of course must have been produced in 1938 or later, as it expresses the model-date of the firearm it was made for.

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That is the best I can do. Also, please note that I made a quick edit of my previous answer telling what I know (I don’t consider it positive information for reasons I need not go into here, but it could be correct) about the meaning of the headstamp initials M.C.M.

John Moss