Unidentified 7.62 NATO headstanp

Can anyone positively identify this headstamp (CAI -30N 61) found on a 7.62 x 51 ball round? The bullet is GMCS. The case is brass. The primer is oval brass with 3 stakes and a red annulus. The 30N suggest South American to me - one suggestion I’ve received is Dominican Republic.

Dave S

I don’t collect NATO, but I do collect .30 Carbine and the headstamp letter style of your headstamp, for the 61 date, screams Dominican Republic, as does the format. The “N” would not suggest South America to me automatically, since the initials of NATO in Spanish are reversed to “OTAN”, but everything else about this headstamp you show looks Dominican to me.
The carbine rounds don’t have the three-stab crimp, but that is of no import.
They also don’t have the red primer seal, but they do have a red mouth seal of identical color to that shown in your photo. Great photo, by the way.

Thanks John - the image is a scan from my botton-of-the-range Dell printer/scanner set at 600dpi and then cropped and sharpened using MicroSoft Digital Image.