Unidentified 7.62 NATO round by RANO

TonyE gave me this round a few years ago. I posted it on the old forum but no one ever identified it.

The headstamp is “RANO 2A7”. It is also loaded with a CN jacketed .303 Mark 7 bullet. This is the correct bullet for the round as it was a live round when Tony had it. The three dot crimps on the neck are also on the bullet. The primer is also very unusual. I have never seen a primer marked like that on anything else.

Does anyone have any Ideas?


Looks like the crimper was out of adjustment and got the primer instead of the case. Production line error or set-up scrap? Anyone see an identical round with a more properly located primer crimp?

I must admit that the circular nature of the marks is unusual for a primer crimp…


I am pretty sure this is not an original RANO loading. They never came with a nickeled jacket. Nor with any crimp like that.

I had wondered about a wrongly adjusted crimping machine. Perhaps something was also wrongly adjusted in the manufacturing of the primer?

Something I forgot to mention about the bullet is that is has indents of the classic British three flat stab crimps. This shows that it was taken from disassembled .303 ammunition.

If this is a reload done on a RANO case, what did the “2A7” originally refer to?

I thought Morten answered this question below:


Some additional info on “RANO”:

RANO stands for “Rifle Association of NOrway” (ref. Reuter : poss also mentioned as being “RAufoss+NOrma”). It was the tradename used by the sales organisation formed by Raufoss Ammunition factory and Norma (the Norwegian Norma, located in Oslo, Norway), for production and sale of ammunition to the Norwegian shooting movement. RANO was formed in 1965 and was shut down in 1989, when Raufoss again took over both sale and production.

RANO hs are known on 308 Win and 6.5x55. It is believed that most, if not all, case production was done at Raufoss. Loading may have been done both at Raufoss and at Norma, Oslo. Used a “RN” primer to indicate RANO loadings.

The cases had the hs of “RANO” at 12oclock and production seems to have used two different hs styles:

c1964-1969 : Uses three digit code close together at 6o’clock eg “RANO 2A7”.

c1969-c1989 : Uses three digit code so that the three codes were located at 9, 6 & 3 o’clock. Eg “RANO 2 C 4” : Format is believed (Morten S - IAA forum) to mean:

The “2” (9 o’clock) is a code related to the case metal and/or the case design. The “C” (6 o’clock) identifies the production run.
The “4” (3 o’clock) identifies the lot number within the production run.

The earlier code may well have used the same code. However, at present the exact meaning of each code is not known.

Whilst similar in style to the post WW2 Norma hs code for 6.5x55, the exact meaning appear different.

Thanks for the link, I didn’t remember the old thread getting any answers.