Unidentified 7.62x54 mmR and possibly .50 BMG

Hello guys!
This is my first post and thus I hope you can help me with identifying these cartridges. The 7.62x54 mmR I got for some time alongside a Romanian one from 1953, 22 - RPR and it’s a bit tricky finding out anything about it. If my pictures aren’t clear enough, the headstamp is as follows: G on 12 o’clock, 49 on 3 o’clock, 128 on 6 o’clock and probably the Roman numeral I on 9 o’clock. For the supposed .50 BMG, it says 50, 14, 314.
I really want to know their origin and if you can give me a helping hand I would also appreciate if you can explain what of each number and letter mean.
Thank you and sorry for any English mistake

The 12.7x99 steel case is also Romanian and made by Cugir.

The 7.62x54R is one of those early post war ones with headsatmps difficult to ID. Similar ones do exist in 9x19.

Thanks for the answer, but how did you figure it out that the 12.7x99 is made by Cugir? By the way, what does 314 and 14 mean?

By the numerical factory code which is applied to the case, here #314. Here you may need to observe that Cugir and several other Romanian manufacturers do use alternating factory codes which are changing with every year. And not all factories do alternate in the same sequence!
The year of production is 2014, this is what the “14” is indicating.
The “50” is indicating the caliber, i.e.: .50 (BMG)

I really appreciate that you are answering me, but the strange thing is that the 12.7x99 case has been found in 2011-2012… The year of production has to be stamped on the cartridge base and on this one, yes, 14 is, and denotes 2014, but regarding to my finding date it doesn’t match. Dunno…

It depends, I had cartridges with headstamps which were indicating only the coming year.
I was told by several factory contacts that when they are working off orders which are to be delivered like in 2019 and are made in 2018 will have the 2019 headstamp then. Just to keep the customer satisfied and not give the impression that he got last year’s production.
And as we are on it, these Romanian .50 were showing up in western countries where .50 guns are typical.
Means in particular here they could have been cautious to keep a customer satisfied and in the belief to have the newest stuff possible. Your case could be from acceptance tests (done prior to delivery) or so.
Is the place you have found it near the Cugir plant or some range where the Romanian military is testing guns and ammunition?

Actually I saw such .50 cases from 2013 by now.

Well, I suppose near Cugir is a shooting range since they are the biggest cartridge manufacturer in Romania and the place where I found the case is located about 35 km away from the plant. The thing is that I found it near a metallurgical factory where any metallic remnants are processed inside the factory. I think, since the Cugir plant is nearby, they have sent their wastes to the metallurgical factory and the case was by mistake taken with the metals.

Yes, 35km is little and what you say makes sense.

I thought SADU would be the largest cartridge manufacturer in Romania?

Oh yes, you are right. My mistake. I have some 7.62x39 mm and 7.62x25 mm Tokarev stamped “22” from SADU and one 7.62x39 mm blank from a newer lot stamped with “SADU”. Yes, they are the largest cartridge manufacturer in Romania.

Salut Bogdan si bine ai venit :)

Regarding the 7.62x54R case, it is a very interesting and rare-ish case, as EOD said before it is made in Romania in 1949 at Sadu i think. I have not been able to find much info about this transitional style of headstamps .It is a very obscure style of headstamp used before the implementation of the communist number codes and was used for just a few years. I have also seen this type of headstamps on other 7.62 and 9x19 ranging from 1947-1949. If you find more cases with this marking hit me with a PM, i`m also interested in having a few examples for my collection.

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Razvan, on which other 7.62 did you observe this hs pattern?

I remember showing you this photo before…

I don’t, so blame it on my age. :)

No, I thought of other calibers when you said “other 7.62”.

Is that 1949 or 1948 in the hs you are showing?

And I have checked my files, yes you had shown that one before! Sorry!

I cannot tell exactly but I would say 1949.