Unidentified 7.62x54R Russian

Need some help on this one, please. I’ve had these for 24 years, and have no idea what the tip colors mean.

They are standard copper-washed steel cases with raised headstamp
188 E The references I have don’t show this red/silver tip combination.

Is this of any help? mosinnagant.net/i3tro4.asp

Good link, I have saved it, but it doesn’t help. Still no red over silver tip color ID.

I’ve sent an e-mail to Tuco, he is like 7.62x54R God, if he doesn’t know, forget it. I’ll post his answer if he replies.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Interesting. I have one of these with the same headstamp that I bought about 24 years ago! I picked it up out of a shoebox of crap at a gunshow and always figured that it was a fake. Now I’m not so sure.