Unidentified cartridge #2


Here is another one from my junk box.

Case length 1.065"
Rim 0.411"
base 0.351"
neck 0.346"

It appears to use some type of battery cup primer (inside diameter 0.223"). You can feel a slight bottle neck about 0.5" from the base.

What is it?




Maybe some sort of sub caliber adapter to fire a .22 rimfire in a ???


If this is an adaptor cartridge, it would be helpful to its identification to show a photo of the front of the cartridge case (mouth).


This is a Devillers 8 mm Revolver Mle 92 case used for mock duel. It was loaded with a primer and wax ball.

It was also produced with an all steel case and with brass head and red paper body.


I also thought of an adapter to use a rimfire blank. A 6mm Flobert blank would probably fit into the primer pocket but what would it be used in? The head of the case is not very thick.

I’ll try to post a picture of the case mouth tomorrow.



Here you have two loaded examples:


Thanks Fede I think you got it! I have the one with the brass head and red paper tube body. I just didn’t put it all together. The rim diameter of my paper tube cartridge is slightly small (0.403") but the base diameter is about the same. It looks like the primer would fit.

What primer was used in these? Does anyone have a drawing of it?

Thanks to everyone,