Unidentified cartridge (case...?)

Hi guys !
Here is a (rimmed) cartridge case with a headstamp that I didn’t see until now !
I would be happy if the photos will help you to identify it !

Thank you !




This is an Austrian made 7.62x54R by Hirtenberg for captured Mosin-Nagant rifles in 1916. “Hirtenberg” is “Хeртенбeрг” in Russian, that’s why there is “X”. My guess.

I’d go for a 6.5x53R Dutch Mannlicher.

This hs does not exist on 7.62x54R.

So what is “X” then?

Vlad, just check on Dutch 6.5mm or wait till the experts will read this thread.
Dutch stuff is really not my field (with few exceptions).

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Before and during WW I, The Dutch, being Neutral, bought in cases from other European Makers,
( Germany and A-H etc) and loaded them at Hembrug. Such cases had various Letter codes to denote makers. There should be a decoding in Archives ( saw it about 15 years ago)


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I found it into a…former WW2 Eastern Front battlefield (germans & romanians vs soviets…) - 1944. THIS is the condition/state I found him… The neck is damaged/‘twisted’… ;-(

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I said…1944 (april-august most likely)… ;-/
…it could be a Mannlicher (93 or 95)…BUT…I want to be sure, so…I wait…

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Sorry, missed it, I am packing the car and checking the forum, I hope I don’t make mistakes packing…
Alex is right, that primer is not for 7.62x54R.

Vlad, also the head shape is not 7.62x54R and other dimensions (neck/shoulder) do not fit.

Also in 1916 Hirtenberger would not have made ammo for Russia as they were in war by then…

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I just thought since they had old bunters from 1905-1906 and a bunch of captured rifles, and a know-how in manufacturing 7.62x54R…

Well, but then the “X” for Cyrillic “Hirtenberger” would not make sense or?
I am not aware of any WW1 production of 7.62x54R in Austria. They did in 1905-1909 and then again in the 1930s if my memory does not betray me.

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Sorry…just an “idea”… could that “X” be a…“roman ten” (10)…?!?

I think not. Just wait till the experts will be around.


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So, is this cartridge a 7.62x54R (austrian, Hirtenberg) or a 6.5x53.5R MANNLICHER M.95 ??

6.5x53R Dutch Mannlicher !

On the Eastern front, it could have been used by any Romanian troops, Dutch Waffen SS, or just about any German auxiliaries who weren’t at the top of the German supply chain.

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