Unidentified cartridge (case...?)

Sorry for ignorance, the Dutch were on the Eastern Front?

My guess would be on Romanian troops using the ammo in their 6.5 rifles.

Vlad, the Dutch were occupied and except for volunteer units like the SS formations (as Jon said) from certain regions they were not on any front or so. Means all Dutch equipment was put to any use suitable and substantial quantities of German war booty were given to allies - here likely Romania.

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Thanks, Alex.
Vlad, I did not mean “The Dutch”, but some Dutch volunteers who fought as members of the Nazi Waffen SS

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Thank you guys !

So, it’s about the 6.5x53R Mannlicher made (in 1916) by …?

The Mannlicher (M93 most likely) rifle was used by the Romanian Army, especially by the troops from the “2nd” echelon (“together” with rifles like Lebel and Berthier). The troops from the “first line” used the ZB vz24 rifle .

“ArtillerieInrichtingen” (A.I.) at the Hembrug in the Netherlands.

It appears that the letter sequence in the latter part of the alphabet identified lots of brass processed at Hembrug for manufacture of the 6.5 m/m cartridge during 1915-16 or so. Some of the letters seen at 6 o’clock (particularly BS for Basse & Selve) do appear to ID specific sources, but many other of the single letters are merely using the alphabet to identify lots of raw material and aren’t abbreviations. The actual producer of the finished cartridge was the government facility at Hembrug. Jack