Unidentified cartridge


I have found a fired cartridge, and would want to know more about it.
Cartrige diameter is around 9mm. Bullet hole is aprox 5mm. Length is aprox 22mm.

Here are some images:

It may possibly 9mm P.A.K.

Thanks. Searched the web, and found that that means a blank; but I would be interested to know what P.A.K. stands for.
That sounds very likely, because I found the cartridge on New Year’s Day.

My German is quite possibly (probably) off, but I think I remember seeing it stand for “Platz Auch Knall” (Parade or Noise), or something similar. The one you picture is sort of unusual in that it appears to use a standard shotgun primer as the noisemaker fitted into an extruded metal body. Most of this type that I’ve seen were made more along the lines of standard small arms ammo, with a full brass cartridge case.

I am pretty sure that PAK stands, in this case, for “Pistole Automatische Knall” or in English, Blank (firing) automatic pistol. These cartridges are often referred to as “Knallpatronen” in German. I don’t know why “Knall” seems to be replacing the word “Platz” to describe a blank in German. One of our fluent German speakers can probably answer that. There may be two different connotations, and not a case at all of one replacing another. I wish my command of even “Patronen Deutsch” was better.

Also the 8 mm PAK is sometimes primed with a shotshell primer.
They don’t work as well as standard made ammo