Unidentified Dummy Cartridges

Does anyone know the manufacturer and designation of these two dummy cartridges?

First is a 7.9x57 with two grooves in the body, no primer, milled anvil and F N 47 headstamp. As I understand, this is the Dutch “official” dummy.

Second is a 6.5x55 with two grooves in the body and 4 VI46 8 HA headstamp. Is this a Danish dummy or something else?

Any help or guess is welcome.



The 6.5x55 looks like a ‘weighted dummy’ i.e. a dummy filled with something, metal (brass) wool was sometimes used, so it weighs the same as a live ball cartridge. Used for calibrating machinery, packing tests etc. Drill cartridges had three grooves on the case body.
Btw we don’t have this one on Arma-Dania.

Soren, thank you very much for the information. Do you have pictures or documentation of similar weighted dummies in other calibers? Regards, Fede.

Here are more.

Rigby, or anyone else, can you please say from which country those drawings are from?

I googled fejlpatron & got “Error Cartridge” in Danish.
vaegtpatron = “Weight Cartridge” also in Danish.

Seems I answered my own question?

The pictures are out from a danish army ammunition catalog.

[quote=“rigby”]The pictures are out from a danish army ammunition catalog.[/quote]Of which there seems a number of copies/scans in circulation. I have never seen any of them available for download anywhere though.

rigby, great information, thanks for sharing.

Does anyone have information about the 7,9x57 dummy?

Here is a picture of 7,9mm FEPT 5, sorry about the quality.

The case is a standard German 7,92mm case.

Lars, thanks for the picture of the box.