Unidentified flare?

Just dug this out of some stuff I never cataloged or put away.
I’m guessing it’s some sort of unheadstamped inside primed flare or pyrotechnic round. It has a slightly necked brass case with a brass tube insert. The brass insert can not be removed.
The top wad is missing and any pyrotechnic material or what ever has been lost.

flare hs

Rim: 8.81mm
Base: 7.01mm
Neck: 6.91mm
Case length: 19.19
Insert: 6.43mm
total length: 43.67mm

Any thoughts as to what it is and who made it?


Hi Paul, this is an inside primed center fire 7x19R Blowpipe gun (Sarbacane) fireworks loading made by SFM. Also listed in catalogs as “7.5 mm”.

From 1912 catalog:



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Interesting. How was it used or what was it used for?


Thanks for the reply. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to shoot fireworks from a blowpipe gun.