Unidentified French revolver round

Can anyone identify this for me please? I am led to believe that is it for a French revolver. I have know idea what the correct cartridge designation is, nor who made this round.

7.65x20mm French Long for pistol & submachine gun.

Thank you - any idea on the manufacturer and/or year?


The headstamp is difficult to read, if the letters are ATS then the maker is Atelier de Construction de Tarbes, Tarbes, France.

The date on the headstamp, 194_, I am unable to read the last number.


Thanks Brian - that is much closer than I got to making out the markings. I’ll see if I can get a better look. Even with a loupe I was having difficulty.

I believe it’s either a 5, 6 or possibly 8 with the crimp covering most of it.

If their six has the same shape as the nine then my guess would be that it is a 5.

Could be also 2 or 3.