Unidentified israeli ammo

Hello, there!
A cousin of mine presented me this cartridge 23 years ago, as I was on vacation in Israel:

Could anyone tell me which weapon it is for?
Thanks in advance!

It looks in the pictures like a 7.62 x 51 NATO round - factory dummy by the lack of a primer seal and the very “factory-looking” hole in the primer. I think at the time the primary arms Israel was using, in that caliber, were a couple of variations of the FN-FAL (Fucil Automatique Legere - Light Automatic Rifle), and the FN General Purpose Light Machinegun.

Jon Cohen would be far more qualified than I to verify that or perhaps add to the list. Israel also used a variety of Mauser K98 style rifles converted to 7.62 x 51. I have one on a Czech vz. 24 action, but pretty much in the form of the German K98k as to the hardware on it. Good shooting Mauser! I am not sure if they were still using those as late as 1975 though.

As late as the war of October 1973, the IDF still had in service; K98 Mausers (both standard and sniper rifles), FALs, M1919 Brownings, and FN Mag58s in 7.62x51. M-14/21s were also in use by some sniper units, and M-14s by the Civil Guard. By the start of my IDF service in 1985, the Mausers were gone and a few FALs might have been found in the reserves, leaving M-14/21s, M1919s, and Mag58s.

Thank you JohnMoss!
I realize that I forgot to say that this cartridge came from a small piece of machine gun belt (3 or 4 cartridges).
There is no hole in the primer: it’s just a reflection of my camera lens! ;-) This cartridge is intact and unfired.

jonnyc, thanks a lot for these very interesting informations about the chronology of individual weapons in Tsahal!

It does look very polished.

You’re right, jonnyc, this cartridge is polished because I use to clean it some times a year to keep it shiny (it’s displayed in my living room). That’s why, year after year, the metal turned polished!..

Hi, there! Little “up” for my topic, because I’m still searching for which machine gun(s) this cartridge is for.
Thanks in advance!

It could have been used in any of the 7.62x51 weapons listed above, but the belt/links would limit it to an FN Mag58 or Browning 1919.

Thank you very much, jonnyc! It’s great to know this, after so many years!