Unidentified older round

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I am hoping that somebody can ID this round for me. It came in a collection of older ammunition and was deactivated when I got it. There is no headstamp or markings of any kind. Since it originated in Northern Ireland I wondered if it might be a Vetterli round.

It is 63.3mm overall.
Case is 46.7mm long
Rim is 15mm across
neck is 10.9 internally and 10.3mm internally
bullet is 10.5mm and 24mm long


What you have is a 10.35x47R Vetterli cartridge of the type that was approved in 1890. According to such books as Guns for Ulster, by Fred H.Crawford,1947, and The Italian Vetterli Rifle, by Robert Wilsey, 2016, thousands of Vetterli rifles were brought into Northern Ireland before 1914. On page 123 Wilsey says: Anonymous Vetterli 10.35 mm ammunition can be found from this period devoid of any head stamp markings.

This unheadstamped version of the 10.4mm Vetterli cartridge shown was part of a batch 1,000,000 that were smuggled in April 1914 in one lot into the north east coast of Ireland (the whole island of Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom at this point in history) by the Unionist side. A number of 10.4mm Vetterli rounds were imported prior to this in 1913 and earlier. Most of these earlier rounds were headstamped ‘ES’, and they were very similar to the unheadstamped rounds. The cases were similar with a similar bevel on the head, similar small flat copper primers, similar large granular balls of propellant, and the brass jacketed bullets looked similar externally, although the ES bullet was flat based and weighed 275 grains, whereas the unheadstamped bullet was hollow based and weighed 250 grains. Both types of cartridge were supplied by the same gun dealer in Hamburg, and going by the similarities, both types of cartridge were manufactured by the same company. Below are some pictures showing both types of case head, a close up of the ES headstamp, a sectioned unheadstamped round showing the hollow base & propellant, and a comparison of the two types of bullet base.
image image image image

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Thanks everybody, that confirms what I had suspected. Funnily enough I used to have a UVF Vetterli rifle which was found when we searched a derelict farmhouse on the shore of Loch Neigh. Some how or other if failed to get handed in as it was clearly nothing to do with the recent Troubles. It’s now in a museum.

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