Unidentified pistol cartridge case

Hi !

Here is a pistol cartridge case that I want to identify…

The headstamp…

  • 12 o’clock : (…?) P
  • 3 o’clock : * (not the soviet…!)
  • 6 o’clock : 3
  • 12 o’clock : 41

Thank you.

Are you sure it is P or PAB? So it could be romanian

This is most probably a German 9mm P08. The P * 3 41 is a pretty common headstamp indicated the case was made by Polte in 1940 as lot #3,


Hard to see… I think…

  • 12 o’clock : p a(maybe) p … ;-/

Thanks… It’s about a p not a P (!)…

I’d say it is “cdp” and a normal German case from 1941.

Thank you .

The place where I found it was a “part” of a romanian (Axis side…) position…

So…any other info/details…?

What else do you expect?

9mm…? Pistol or MP (which one…)…?


Better photo shows it clearly as cdp.

Made by Theodor Bergmann & Co.

I should have recognized my error. Polte last used the “P” hst with lot 10 of 1940, and lot 1 (and lot 3) of 1941 used the aux headstamp.

If this case were steel and the headstamp was cdp St 1 41, I would be on a plane flying over to try to talk you out of this case.

Still German, not Romanian. However, I would not be surprised if the Romanian forces could have drawn ammunition from the Germans. it is unlikely that the Romanian forces fighting with the Germans had their own supply system providing them ammo since it would be competing for lines of communication and logistics support with the Germans.

What year was combat occurring in the location where this cartridge was found.


If “P” from 1941 it would have been export.

Romanian troops also could have used captured stocks after 1944.

As far as I know there were never P headstamp 9mmP08 made by Polte dated after 1940. Although corroded the photo sure looks like a cdp headstamp to me.


This is the headstamp we are talking About



I will not agree with you :-)
I have HS Polte from 1940

40 P * 1
40 P * 2
40 P * 3
40 P * 4
40 P * 5
40 P * 6
40 P * 7
40 P * 8
40 P * 9
40 P * 10
40 P * 11
40 P * 12


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Rufus, I must have been on my second class of wine when I wrote the above. I have both the ll and 12 lots, and I have the boxes. As usual, you are correct!!!


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