Unidentified Projectile Australian Camp site WWII

Hey Blokes ~
I did a scratch aroudn today and cam eup with a unusal projectile ~ unfired ~ as the Banding is not scared ~

It looks like a Boat tail ~ I first thought it was a 40 mm or 2 Pdr. but it is too light and the measurements despite the corrosion do not work ~

The Binding ring alone is a mere 5 mm wide and approx 37.40 mm dia. Overall Length appears to be in the region of 121.17 mm

The Australians as i suggested before having served in the Middle east and North Africa extensively were also renowned for bring souvenirs back when they returned to retrain and confront he Japanese in 1942 ~

Thanks Ron ~ ( oh dah !)

Fossick #500 Solo Spectacular (26)|690x517

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