Unidentified tracers

Here are a couple of tracer bullets I would like some information on. I posted them in the distant past but didn’t get any definative identification. Maybe some one has some new thoughts.

The first is just a cross sectioned example. It’s GMCS, 1.302" Long (33.09mm), and 0.310" in diameter (7.88mm). It has a smooth and knurled cannelure, the smooth one is about 0.52" from the base and the knurled one about 0.66" from base.

The second one is also GMCS. It’s 1.325" long (33.66mm) 0.307" in diameter (7,78mm) and weighs 143 grains. There are two knurled cannelures one about 0.49" from the base and the second 0.58".

tracer base

Any thoughts?

Thanks Paul

Top one looks as if it could be a .303. Australian and some British had the tracer component ignited by a small wad of guncotton.


Thanks for the reply. Did Australian and British tracers typically have two cannelures?


No, neither Australian or British tracers had the two cannelures. Sorry if I misled you. I merely thought the internal construction looked similar.