Unidentified two cartridges. "PMJ" and 7.62x39

Hello guys,

Recently, one of my friends asked me if I know anything about those two cartridges he sent me as pictures. The first of them, rimless with a “PMJ 80” headstamp and second, a 7.62x39 mm, possibly DSD 17 headstamp.


I appreciate anyone’s help.


The PMJ appears to be a 7.62x51 no?
Made by Poongsan of South Korea.

And the RSD is made by SADU in Romania.
Haven’t seen a 2017 by now, nice!

The PMJ one is rimless therefore it can’t be 7.62x51.

7.62x51 NATO yes, my mistake. I thought about the 7.62x54R.

Alex, PMJ is not made by Poongsan but by IMI of Israel. This example is a M82 blank made in 2008 for the US.



Getting old I am: