United States Cartridge Co catalogs needed

Following Ron Merchant’s lead I’m working with him to scan my meager collection of USCCo catalogs/pricelists.

If you have any…even one…let either of us know…we would like to include it.

i have a reproduction I got from Cornell Publications of 1881 wIth Wallace and Sons as agents.

Vic–Thanks, but we already have that one.

[quote=“uscartco”]Following Ron Merchant’s lead I’m working with him to scan my meager collection of USCCo catalogs/pricelists.

If you have any…even one…let either of us know…we would like to include it.[/quote]

I have 1891 if you need

JP–Thanks for the offer, but we already have the 1891 catalog.

Here is a list of what we already have scans of:


We have promises of the 1880, 1913 and 1914, but have not received them yet. If you have any of these, please offer them as the original offer may or may not come through.

We are always looking for flyers or Dealer PL as well as Retail catalogs. So, Please let us know whatever you have for U.S.C.Co.

A list of what we have…now why didn’t I think of that…?

Within the next few weeks, I should have the 1908 and 1916 catalogs (reprints).

Here’s a neat early US Cartridge Co. box…
soldusa.com/rainworx/detail. … gpic=0#img


I have USCCO catalog #61-I think it is 1917. I have just put it on my website under free reference information, cartridge catalogs, other catalogs.

Download it and added it to your stash of Catalogs. You can use it or change it anyway you want.



Lew–Thanks for the 1917 catalog. It is the nicest catalog for U.S.C.Co. that I have seen so far.

Ron, Note that the next to last page, a supplement page from probably 1919 is my guess, is the first USCCo listing of the 9mm Luger cartridge, as far as I know. It was not in the original 1917 catalog.

At the end of 1917, USCCo took over production of the 9mm Glisenti cartridge for the Italians (the Maxim contract) (see J Moss’ article on the Glisenti in the IAA Journal). They continued to produce this round with the Maxim headstamp and at the end of WWI received an award from the Italians for their production of millions of rounds of Glisenti ammunition. The bullet illustrated in this catalog appears to me to be identical to the Glisenti bullet. Later the shape of the USCCo truncated bullet changed.

If anyone knows of an earlier production of 9mm Luger by USCCo please let me know.

Good luck with your project. Once your catalogs are available we should be able to tell about when USCCo changed the ogive of their 9mm Luger bullets.



Nice catalog…the supplements are an added bonus. They are not often seen.

The 1917 catalog is all there is as far as illustrated catalogs…somewhere I have a copy of a letter dated late 1920’s-early 1930’s from USCCo explaining the last illustrated catalog was the 1917.

The post 1917 price lists describe the 9mm as FMJ, I do not believe they changed the description to reflect any change in bullet shape.

On the 9mm Glisenti, USCCo made all the ammo, Maxim never started manufacturing.
All tooling, parts and packaging was moved to Lowell. Maxim’s former Ansonia, CT. facility was used to manufacture 49 grain percussion primers, by USCCo.

You mention an award from the Italians…can you elaborate ?? USCCo had to sue the Italian government to receive payment after Italy canceled the order and left USCCo with finished cartridges, cases & bullets that nobody wanted or needed.

MAXIM 9mm Glisenti discussion continues at http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12967