United states navy seals

How about them Navy Seals!!!

Hey! They’re NAVY. 'nuf said.

Wonder if any were GMs?

Good news, and a job well done.

That News makes me happy!!!

Bravo Zulu, Navy.

Got my butt kicked by a SEAL during a training exercise once… I have a lot of respect for those guys. (Word to the wise: do not catch a Navy SEAL by surprise and expect to walk away with a smile on your face.)

I wonder what cartridges were in the pirate’s Kalashnikovs. I have a Chinese and a Soviet fired 7.62x39mm case that a Marine buddy of mine brough back from Somalia back in 1993. There is probably a bit of everything over there…


Well I’m not gonna argue with fact! I’m kinda proud of our guys and gals over there in that rat infested sludge pond! There’s probably a few expended 5.56mm cases around there that would fit well in a collection.

My guess is 7.62 X 51. Only 3 of them.

I recall an esteemed member having an infamous 6.5 Carcano hull in his collection.

  • I just cannot understand why the ships of today are not armed with a few .50" (12.7mm) machine-guns and one or two light 20mm cannons [with plenty of ammo] which could be very effective against any pirat attack. Some of the guys from the crew could be trained to use the weapons mentioned above and this would cost much less than to bring the Navy and other ships for support and rescue. Is it against the law for a commercial ship to be armed and to fight the pirats of the 21st century or the anti-gun policy is too strong ??? Liviu 04/12/09

I say distribute(store) some more DU in and around the pirates AO. Free up some space in the Yucca Mountain facility.

If you really want to know which cartridges were inside their AK’s, watch this

I had asked the same question - turns out that if commercial ships were armed, they would be treated like military ships and no longer be given ready access to foreign ports that they currently have.

  • @ Guy Hildebrand: Well, this is another DUMB policy which jeopardizes the crew and ship safety and it has a very high cost. An armed commercial ship [with a few .50" machine-guns and light 20mm cannons] cannot be a national threat to a foreign port and that foreign country. In the meantime those “modern pirates” know that the commercial ships are unarmed and easy targets. Only an armed vessel and ship can defeat the 21st century pirates. Liviu 04/13/09

Luckily someone in the USA still knows how to get things done. A ship with some British crew members was hijacked there recently, I believe they are still being held there.

Well actually the REAL problem is on land where all these roaches fester. Place some precision munitions on the camps and leaders heads and lets see how they roll after that.


I also have to wonder how long it will take for them to start fighting amongst each other. They have easy access to arms of all kinds. I’m just waiting to see one lot of pirates killing another lot and taking their newly acquired ransom money.

I heard today that Maersk, the company whose ship was involved in this most recent incident, may be arming their ships, figuring that the hastle the weapons cause in dealing with other nations is preferable to the problems resulting from the pirates.

You’d think an enterprising security company would offer armed shipboard personnel who would remain onboard while the ship was in international waters. As the ship approached their destination port, a small boat would be sent out from the port to offload these personnel and their weapons and wait while the ship proceded into port. When the ship departed and reached international water again, the armed personnel would get back aboard for the next leg.

I believe Xe, formerly Blackwater, was/is seeking applications of SEALs and other USN personnel with ship/vessel security experience. I am sure they are offering their services to fill inquiries from shipping companies.

…at least a few hundred to go.

With regards to the rifles used: that particular band of merry men has fielded a number of .300 Win Mag bolt guns in the past.

At a distance of only 30m, they could have employed any one of half a dozen different long guns, precision or ‘vanilla’.

I’m just glad Davy Jones has 3 headless idiots scrubbing his floors now.

The merchant sailors should be allowed to have shotguns without question. They are no threat to foreign ports or other ships, but they are plenty to stop armor-less pirates who might scurry onto the deck of a ship. If they just had a dozen Saiga-12 shotguns with the 20rd MD-Arms drums on each ship, they could rake the deck with steel 00-buck, like Hevi-Shot’s “Dead Coyote” brand. Bye-bye pirates, and hello Swiss-cheese!

  • A shotgun has a short range and the idea is to keep those lousy pirates far away from the ship [at least half a mile or longer]. If the foreign ports would be under attack, the square heads who are anti-gun could understand the importance to be armed. Liviu 04/19/09