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I’m all in favor of deck-mounted .308 miniguns and M2 .50BMG machineguns, but Guy H. is right; if the merchant ships are armed like that, then they become military vessels, and the international rules are very strict about it, with red-tape a mile long. Another option would be an electrified deck rail system to zap the intruders. Or the military could bring back Q-ships as tempting looking decoys for pirates, and when the pirates draw near, drop the false hull panels and let rip with 20mm autocannons!

  • @ DK configuration: I think a few .308 and .50" rapid fire weapons should be actually more than enough to stop today those “modern pirates” from attacking commercial ships. Before reaching a foreign ports the weapons could be very easy taken apart and sealed in locked metal boxes to make happy the customs and to be in order with the local regulations. The ammo should be sealed and locked in separate metal boxes. As long the ships are not armed and defenseless, the pirates will attack with no shame. Liviu 04/19/09

As far as I have been told civilain merchant ships are allowed to have arms aboard for self defense. This is an international regulation.
Does anyone have the details? (or in the worst case pelase correct me)

As far as I have been told civilain merchant ships are allowed to have arms aboard for self defense. This is an international regulation.
Does anyone have the details? (or in the worst case pelase correct me)[/quote]

when foreign boats are entering french port the weapons must be locked in a safe (or put into customs safe) when you clear the customs

Was just sent this little tidbit of detail about the “shots”.

With the lifeboat under tow, riding comfortably bow-down on BAINBRIDGE’s wake-wave (“rooster tail”), had a 17-second period of harmonic motion, and at the end of every half-period (8.5 seconds) was steady on. The light-enhanced (infra-red heat) monocular scopes on the SEAL’s .308 caliber Mark 11 Mod 0 H&K suppressor-fitted sniper rifles easily imaged their target very clearly. Pirates in a life boat at 30-meters could be compared to fish in a barrel. All that was necessary was to take out the plexiglass window so that it would not deflect the trajectory of the high velocity .308 round. So, a sniper (one of four) with a wad-cutter round (a flaxen sabot) would take out the window a split second before the kill-shot-- no change in sight-picture, just the window blowing out, clean.

FWIW: The Mk 11 Mod 0 and its suppressor are procured from Knight’s Armament Company (KAC), not HK. Moreover, there is no guarantee that it was a Mod 0 as the updated Mod 2 are being introduced.

Yes re: the KAC SR25. The way I read the sentence, they were using an HK suppressor. But then, I wasn’t out to debunk anything, just putting out the info. I’m sure the true story will come out in a book in the not too distant future.

Other than perhaps the basic MP5SD cans, HK rarely makes its own OEM suppressors, much less as aftermarket for anyone else’s weapons. Qual-a-Tec, KAC, and Br

I agree (sorry for late reply), best $1 worth of ammo, i’ve ever spent as a tax payer. Good job.

Maybe a couple of crew served 25mm bushmaster cannons with HE rounds will just about convince any ak 47 toting idiot, to “steer” clear of US ships…
Or maybe some WW2 surplus 40mm Bofors…Or maybe some 3" 50’s…choices choices.

Maybe they’ll clarify the weapons. Set your TiVo.


No joy. Nada. Zip. I guess firearms/ammo details woulda been TMI for the target audience. Will wait for the book.


Too bad. I can’t afford a Tivo on my fixed income so I had programmed my brain to watch it but, guess what, my brain let me down again and I missed it. I would have expected that they wouldn’t show the exploding heads but why not the weapons used? But now that I think about it, exploding heads are probably more PC than a rifle.

Thanks for the report.


Not to worry. You didn’t miss anything. Lame docudrama, at best. Took waaaaay too long to get to the point.

PS I don’t have a TiVo, either.

Ray–Unless your Cable or Direct-TV network is different than here in Michigan, the program is repeated several times during the week. It was aired here at 10-11 PM tonight. It conflicted with another program I wanted to record, so I am recording it at 1AM this morning on the re-run.

Don’t bother.

Nothing at all on any type of ammo, and only weapons mentioned were the AK-47s the pirates had.

Most of it was interviews with key crew members, and “Hollywood” action scenes to illustrate the points involving the crew members actions. Some interviews with senior USN officers, but all other USN “action stuff” was computer animation.

There were a few insights on tactics used by the crew- prior planning on what to do; crew to hide in a designated “safe room” if boarded; shift controls from bridge to an emergency control station; try some evasive maneuvers to swamp the pirates boat tied alongside (and it worked- that’s why they ended up in the ship’s lifeboat). Eventually the crew shut down all the power (light, ventilation, radios, everything- including the emergency generator).

One of the crewmen managed to grab the pirate leader as he ventured below decks searching for the crew, setting up a scenario to swap him for the Captain and let the pirates get away in the lifeboat. But, the bad guys grabbed the Captain when they left.

Much drama etc but no gunfire between the pirates and the USN ships which arrived on scene about 12 hours later. Seals from CONUS jumped into the water near the Destroyer, and took up station on it until the end. Lifeboat out of fuel and was being towed by the USN, and they finally decided the life of the Captain was “in imminent danger” and thus under their rules of engagement could shoot the pirates. Took a while until they could see all three and three shooter fired simultaneously and scored head shots.

Now, that takes good rifles, good ammo, and REALLY good shooters! The SEALs have all those qualities.

Just remember the people who produce those programs don’t know squat about guns or ammo. I reference;
’ the red tip on the bullet is phosphorous and during flight it ignites and that is how a tracer works’or something like-- ‘the 16" gun on the battleships fire a projectile as big as a Volkswagon’ …These are not exact quotes but I think you get my point.TV could do so much more to educate but all ‘they’ want to do is take 15 min. of actual fact and stretch it out to fill a hour time slot.

Sorry for the rant.

carefull Ray, it might be political talk ":-)

We’re being repressed!!!

[quote=“slick rick”]We’re being oppressed!!!

So who’s going to provide a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch for sectioning?