Unknow 12,7x108mm HEI cartridge


Who can identify this 12,7mm HEI cartridge? Headstamp is 3 * 42. Is this an early type MDZ-3 or PZ?


It looks like the earliest version of the MDZ, the MDZ-46, built at Factory 3 (Ulyanovsk). Regenstreif has a little bit on these rounds, but my French is really poor. The identifier for the MDZ series was a stepped bullet and either a screw-in fuze or a flattened detonator pocket at the nose. I’ll try to scan the relevant pages and post them here for you tonight.

Here goes, I hope these help:

Thank you!

It is the MDZ-3.

The MDZ-46 is the one with the air column fuze. An MDZ-48 does not exist.