Unknow 7.62 NATO with white tip

I got two 7.62 NATO US.
Can anybody tell me what kind of projectile they are using.

The top cartridge weights 370 grains.
The bottom cartridge weights 357 grains.

Thanks in Advance.

A partial answer, at first glance they appear to be 7.62x51mm XM256E1 Low recoil loadings, but that may not be true since some information indicates these were only made by Frankford Arsenal (FA headstamp), so the question remains, what are these?



The cartridge weight seems to indicate they are M80 cartridges that someone has applied a white tip to make it more attractive for gun show sales.

The ogive on the RA cartridge appears to be something other than a 10, but it’s hard to tell from the photograph. And, that RA primer is ???

But, only NATO Dave can tell us for sure. Or, you can do what I would have done before now - pull the bullets.


In Scranton’s color guide booklet there is a white tipped ⊕ LC 70 headstamped round described as an experimental tracer loaded for HEL (Human Engineering Lab) and that it traces dim to 125 m then bright to 750m. The GMCS jacketed projectile weighs 134 gr and the primer has a purple seal.


I have an example of the (+) LC 70 in my collection - x-ray confirmed that it is a tracer. I’ve not seen the other round before.


Thanks for explanation on the first cartridge.

I pulled out the bullet of the other round :

Its weight is 127 grains, 1.176" long, lead core, GM jacketed, uncannelured

The case is loaded with 39.2 grains of spherical powder
Note also the letter C on the primer