Unknow Eley centerfire revolver round

I’ve got what I assume to be a revolver round that I cannot identify. The headstamp reads ELEY LONDON and it has a small, flat copper primer (ø 0.1450"). Measurements are below:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: why do my images appear rotated 90° CW to the original?

The closest I can come with the measurements given indicate it to be a
230 cal long Rev round if it is that it is a good one!!!

I think Sherryl is correct, but meant to type “430 cal” instead of “230 cal”. The .430 Revolver long was introduced in the 1870s. There is a listing in Hart’s army catalog from 1882 for Eley cartridges; it lists a “430 long” under the heading “central-fire revolver cartridges”. The measurements match very closely to Curtis Steinhauer’s 430 long measurements:
Case length: 1.04"
Rim diameter: .500"
Neck diameter: .445"

Thank you both for your info. I went back through my (very small) reference library and was unable to find this round. I did look before posting but I thought I may have missed it. However, I did find this on the Imperial War Museum website:

Physical description
rimmed straight case with round nosed bullet. Battery cup primer.

History note
a relatively uncommon cartridge listed by Eley Bros, and using an internally lubricated bullet. The case appears identical to the .440 Kynoch, which, however, used an externally lubricated heel type bullet. While originally a pistol round, the .430 achieved wider use in rifles for kangaroo and seals.

(source: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/30026127)

None of my books had the .440 Kynoch either. For some reason the IWM photos do not load. I just see a generic placeholder.

The projectile in mine is flat nosed, with tapered sides, not round nose as in their description. The picture I posted doesn’t show this very clearly though.

thanks for the correction yes that is what I meant the 430 what a terrible blooper,but you know they
call them the golden years when you get old but the only thing that is golden is the piss.
thanks again

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Two jpgs attached, the 1907 catalog cut shows headstamp “ELEY LONDON” and the undated factory drawing shows headstamp “ELEY .430”.
For added info, this first appears in the 1906 catalog, in the 1905 catalog a cartridge with same dimensions is called the .430 Tranter revolver.

Jim Buchanan

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Hi Maynard and ArmourerJim,
Many thanks for the detail on the 430 cal.
I have an example that I had struggled with, previously, and had mislabeled.
I believe the 430 cal. dimensions you mentioned are much closer.

Bullet: 0.423"
Case length: 1.16"
Head: 0.452"
Rim: 0.505"
Neck: 0.445



Apologies for resurrecting a relatively old topic.
I’ve recently added an inert Eley .430 revolver (images appended below).

The bullet diameter: .430"

The previous example (headstamp ‘Eley Bros’), posted in Feb 2018, I have thought to be a .430 Long.

The case length of the proposed ‘Long,’ is, however, 1.15" and is longer than the reference from Curtis Steinhauer, mentioned above by Maynard.
The .430 Long manufacturing period is quoted as 1885-1919.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


Apologies for not responding sooner.
Have taken some photographs of the ‘unknown’ Eley for comparison with an inert Eley .44 S&W R

Unknown Eley dimensions are:

The Eley S&W R dimensions are:

Bullet: 0.430"
Case length: 0.950"
Head: 0.457"
Rim: 0.505"
Neck: 0.446"