Unknow pinfire cartridge


Hello IAA I’m back with another shell that I’m curious about, im thinking it’s a 410 or a 45 however it seems to have a different rim and there’s no markings or head stamp. Here’s some photos comparing it to one of my 2" 410’s


I also wouldn’t mind any knowledge about the .410 too btw


The Pinfire is probably an Eley .360, it should be 1 3/4" long, many had no head stamp or case wall printing. You don’t give the diameter so the size is best guess looking at the picture. A lot of these that you come across have been shortened and ball loaded, one would assume for pinfire revolvers.
The other cartridge is made for a small pocket single shot pistol made for self defence, if memory serves me right the cartridge “should” be filled with pepper. These also come in a plain case.

Scheintod with plain case (same head stamp as yours).


@Eightbore I went to mesure it and it seems to be the exact measurements of the same cartridge you talked about in June 2015
(If you search up eley .360 that topic shows up)


@BuzzJr1 Jim (ArmourerJim) sent me a pictures of the box label so I have added it to the post.


This actually looks like a 10.5 Eley. They are a hair smaller than the Eley .410 and a hair larger than the Eley .360.

Also check out 9 mm Eley Pinfire?